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Industrial Safety Grating

Industrial Safety Grating

Safety products from Metalex:
Metalex's OPEN-GRIP®, DECK SPAN® and TREAD-GRIP® grating products are designed to consistently provide a non-slip gripping surface. Available in steel or aluminum, Metalex products are specified in countless applications throughout industry.

Design Advantages of Metalex Safety Gratings:
  • Exceeds Federal Specifications for Slip Resistance
  • Provides Slip Resistance in All Directions
  • Large Open Area
  • Self Cleaning, Minimum Maintenance
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Self Framing
  • Lightweight
  • Resilient Walking Surface
  • Easy to Handle and Install
Railroad Grating

Morton Railroad Running Boards

Unlike other companies, who claim to be the “original” safety grating manufacturer, Metalex's first United States Patent for metal railroad safety grating was awarded in 1917…and we have been continuously improving the product ever since.

Open-Grip® running boards, intermodal platforms, brake steps, and end platforms are made from 13 gauge G-90 pre-galvanized prime steel. Metalex is proud to have a quality system that is certified to the ISO 9001: 2008 standard. All Morton Brand Railroad Products from Metalex are AAR approved.

One of the unique design advantages of Open-Grip® is the ability to interrupt the pattern. Interrupting the pattern allows us to offer integral “wiped” ends on our boards. This strong, radiused end is an important safety feature that provides a safe transition between boards when they are laid end to end. It also eliminates the mechanically fastened end supports that some other companies use. 

Metalex is the industry leader in specialized, value-added applications which we can design to your specifications. We are small enough to react to your specific requirements and large enough to effectively and economically service your company’s needs.
Custom Grating Products - 1

Custom Grating Products

Metalex specializes in custom products. Our unique ability to "interrupt" the grating pattern, provide end margins, wiped ends and leading edge holes offers the end user unlimited design flexibility. Additional value added features such as MIG, TIG and spotweldinng allow Metalex to supply a completely finished product, ready for application without further processing. 

Metalex offers the industry's most extensive line of manufacturing capabilities. From Computer Aided Design (CAD) to complete finishing facilities, Metalex has the resources to manufacture standard stock items and unique value-added, special custom products to meet virtually any customer requirement.