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Open Grip Detail

Open-Grip® Safety Grating

Metalex OPEN-GRIP® is the original round hole debossed grating, and has been widely used in a variety of industrial applications. It is used wherever safe, comfortable, slip- resistant footing on open flooring is important. The self- cleaning OPEN-GRIP® is produced by a cold-working process that creates raised, perforated buttons and 1-3/8" debossed holes that permit the flow of air, heat and light. The circular gripping buttons of OPEN-GRIP® are user friendly, retain their slip resistance with wear, and provide excellent slip resistance in all directions.
Deck Span Detail

Deck Span® Safety Grating

Metalex DECK SPAN® grating feature a unique, one-piece construction that is self framing, lightweight, and offers outstanding load-carrying capabilities. DECK SPAN® grating products provide in-plant safety in the form of open flooring, catwalks, platforms, balconies, stair treads, and walkways. The surface pattern is a diamond configuration created by the cross-hatching of formed and reticulated metal struts which allows for the passage of light and waste materials. The diamond design offers slip resistance in all directions. DECK SPAN® has a relief hole at the point of the diamond.
Tread Grip Detail

Tread-Grip® Flooring

Metalex TREAD-GRIP® is metal flooring with an important difference - a surface of closely-spaced perforated buttons produced by cold forming. TREAD-GRIP® is most frequently used over existing flooring and for indoor applications. Its circular tread pattern provides high-adhesive friction and long service life which is suitable for many different applications.